Amanda's Story

Amanda’s story all began in 1998. The Amanda’s Touch brand was a mere dream and vision. As a young college student, I chased my dreams and with the help of my dad, Wayne Amanda’s Touch was born. I have always been the cautious one and my dad is the go-getter, together we make a pretty awesome team. I was running the boutique in my spare time alone as my dad had multiple businesses that he owned, like an old movie theater. I guess that's where you could say I got my business skills from. I lived in the back of my boutique as I struggled to make ends meet, my business was the only thing that I had and I was determined to do this on my own and make it successful. With my dad's constant encouragement and help, we have created what you see today when you visit our boutique. Years of hard work, dedication, struggles, tears, laughter, and an amazing staff of ladies has gone into keeping the Amanda’s Touch brand alive and growing, and here we are 22 years later and we are not stopping anytime soon! My dad Wayne is a daily visitor in the boutique and all the ladies love him and refer to him as Wayne! My passion has always been to help people on the most important day of her life. To feel beautiful and for them to know just how special they really are. This is a day that you will remember forever and letting Amanda’s Touch and now Bridal Impressions be a part of your love story is something that I cherish from each and every one of my customers. It’s more than just a business, it's a family and I cannot wait to have you be a part of this with me!